Eugene M. McShane is a native of Stonington, Connecticut. During WWII he enlisted in the Army in 1943 and trained as a forward artillery observer. During the allied invasion of Normandy, he landed on Omaha Beach (Dog Red zone) as part of the second wave, June 7, 1944 (D+1). As part of the 116th Infantry Brigade, he was among the first troops to enter newly liberated Paris. As his unit progressed toward Germany, Gene saw combat action during some of Europe’s most notable battles, including Falaise Gap, Siegfried Line, Battle of the Bulge, Roer River, Malmody, and Bastogne.

After the war, Gene returned to Connecticut to work the family dairy farm for twenty-five years. Then he took a job as a property tax manager with the Westinghouse corporation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the next forty-two years.

Gene is the author of The Life and Times of Gene McShane, a delightful memoir available here.

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