Date: November 11, 2022
Time: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
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The Veterans Breakfast Club’s Veterans Day VET-A-THON is a 12-hour online program bringing veterans from around the nation together to share their stories of service with the public. You’ll hear from veterans from every walk of life and branch of service, from World War II to the present. Guest hosts from across the globe will help share Veterans’ stories, military history, GI humor, Armed Forces trivia, and information for veteran and military families. Join us!


11AM: America from Coast-to-Coast with Army Colonel Kenny Mintz

Army Colonel Kenneth J. Mintz retired last June after 34 years. His career included three deployments to Afghanistan and one to Iraq. He’s spent the past seven months walking 3,000 miles across America, from Washington, DC to San Diego. We spend our opening Vet-A-Thon talking with Colonel Mintz about his service as an infantry officer and battalion commander, as well as what he learned on his long walk.

12PM: National Veterans Art Museum with Curator Megan Owoc and NVAM Board President Lionel Rabb

Curator Owoc and President Rabb will share the mission and exhibit art from the National Veterans Art Museum (NVAM) in Chicago, Illinois. NVAM exhibits over 2,500 works of art inspired from military service. Its goal is to share veteran-created art in ways that generate discussion on the meaning and impact of conflict on society. NVAM collects art from all the branches of the military, and from artists who have seen war, military conflicts, and peacekeeping missions. The majority of the NVAM collection is contemporary, covering WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War through to the present day.

1PM: Veterans’ Stories from FedEx Ground Employees Across America

This hour we do what the VBC does best: good old-fashioned storytelling with veterans who don’t often share their stories. We talk with a dozen veterans who work for FedEx Ground across the country and hear how their military services shapes their current life and work.

2PM: An Hour with “Seth the Speaker,” USAF Veteran and Black Collar Entrepreneur Seth Miller

Motivational and inspirational speaker Seth Miller joins us to talk about leadership, his 21 years of Air Force service, and overcoming obstacles to get what you want in life.  Drawing from his book, The Black Collar Mindset, Seth will share examples from his own life and exercises that enable people to take action toward their goals and reach greatness!

3PM: Researching Veterans in the Family: An Hour with Leading Service Record Historian Bill Beigel

If  you have a family member who served in the military and are looking for help researching their service, Bill Beigel is the man you want. Bill is the nation’s foremost researcher specializing in US military service histories of veterans and casualties of World War II and the Korean and Vietnam Wars. His research provides answers about WWII military service and wartime deaths, as next-of-kin received very little information during wartime. Beigel has researched thousands of US veterans and casualties for clients in the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Bill will talk about his work and offers some how-to’s for researching family members. Join host Glenn Flickinger for this hour of conversation.

4PM: Vietnam Center & Archive at Texas Tech with Historian Kelly Crager

Texas Tech’s Vietnam Center and Archive is home to the largest collection of Vietnam era artifacts outside of the National Archives. Historian Kelly Crager join us to share stories and items from the collection and invite folks who served in Vietnam to tell their stories.

5PM: VETLANTA with Lloyd Knight and Kevin Horgan

VETLANTA is  where Atlanta’s veterans come together to build their networks and serve the community. Its mission is to make Atlanta the premier community in the country for veterans and their families to work and live. By doing so, VETLANTA not only helps veterans but help to make Atlanta a better place. Join VETLANTA Founder and USAF veteran Lloyd Knight and VETLANTA COO and USMC veteran Kevin Horgan as they talk about their service and what’s happening in the Atlanta metro region.

6PM: HOOAH! Army Hour with Ryan Ahl

Our favorite Army Captain and Scuttlebutt Podcast Co-Host Ryan Ahl leads a conversation with Army veterans about what makes Army the best branch of service. We might get  good rant or two out of Ryan. And where did HOOAH! come from, anyhow?

7PM: Women Veterans with Phyllis J. Wilson and Marilla Cushman of the National Military Women’s Memorial

Women are the fast-growing segment of the US military, and Army veterans Phyllis Wilson (37 years as a Military Intelligence Voice Intercept Operator) and Marilla Cushman (retired Lieutenant Colonel) have dedicated themselves to making sure women veterans’ stories are not forgotten. They lead the Military Women’s Memorial, which is the only historical repository documenting all military women’s service. The foundation educates and inspires through innovative and interactive exhibitions and engaging programs and events for all generations. Join us to hear their stories and about the work at the Memorial.

8PM: Black Military Experiences with Gregory Williams and Members of Mu Beta Phi Military Fraternity

“For the Brothers, By the Brothers, Forged in Arms.” Mu Beta Phi is a military fraternity that serves, supports, and defends the men and women in the local and veteran communities. Army veteran, Gregory Williams leads a conversation about the Black military experience with friends and comrades Greg Michael Roberts (Army), Joquann Montgomery (Army), Dale Thaxton (Navy) and Dwight Crutchfield (Army).

9PM: OORAH! Marine Corps Hour with Brad Washabaugh and Make Kelly

Marine Corps veterans and VBC Board Members Brad Washabaugh and Mak Kelly lead a conversation about why the USMC is the best branch of service. Dissent at your peril. Where does OORAH! come from, anyhow?

10PM: The VBC President’s Hour with Submariner Mike Cherock

We wrap up Vet-A-Thon with an hour of banter led by our very own VBC Board President Mike Cherock. Mike is a Navy veteran who served as a nuclear-trained power plant electrical operator on fast-attack submarines. Safe to say that Mike fits the profile of a Navy submariner: he’s smart, intense, wickedly funny, and not at all understanding of why anyone wouldn’t want to spend months underwater and out of touch with the upper world. Join us for an unpredictable conversation!

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