Date: November 15, 2021
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
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Every Monday night at 7pm ET on Zoom; simulcasted to Facebook and YouTube. BYOB(everage). Veterans stories, conversations, special topics, and guests. One of the most highly decorated soldiers in Army history is someone you’ve probably never heard of. Gordon Joseph Lippman enlisted in 1943 at age 18, and fought with the 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment through Italy, France, and Germany. Then, as company commander in the 25th Infantry Division, he showed “extraordinary heroism” in saving one of his platoons from enemy machine guns. By Vietnam, Lippman was executive officer of a 1st Infantry Division bridgade. He was killed by a sniper on December 11, 1965. Tonight, his son, Mike Lippman and cousin, Rob Lofthouse, join us to talk about Lt. Col. Lippman, whose life is captured in Rob’s new book, Honor Through Sacrifice.