VBC A Veteran’s Story – May 12 @ 7pm

JOIN ON ZOOM Pete Mecca welcomes Tina Woods, whose mother was a WWII Red Cross volunteer and widow of a fighter ace lost in the Battle of Attu. Tina's book about her family's experiences, My War, is based on a remarkable collection of letters her mother wrote, giving a ground-eye of the war in England. Sponsored by Tobacco Free

A Veteran’s Story with Pete Mecca – Thursday, March 10 @ 7pm ET

  Jack Barsky was a 10-year-old boy who died in Maryland in 1955. Albrecht Dittrich took the dead boy’s name from a gravestone and created a new identity for himself in America as a mild-mannered computer programmer. No one knew that “Jack” was actually a Russian “Illegal”—among the most elite and secretive of KGB agents

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