The Veterans Breakfast Club’s Annual Gala

On Friday, August 23rd, the Veterans Breakfast Club honored 55 World War II veterans at our Annual Gala as our Veteran Voices of the Year. We are grateful for these veterans for their service and for sharing their stories.

Since 2008, the Veterans Breakfast Club has hosted over 30,000 people at over 400 storytelling events. They come to listen and to learn, to share and to heal, and to say thank you to those who’ve served. We’re holding our 5thannual fundraising gala to support our mission of giving every veteran a chance to tell their story. Please join us for this special night of good food and drink, live auction, and recognition of our Veteran Voices of the Year.


We’re excited that we will have an awesome Gif Booth from DigiBooths a great company for photo booth rental in Pittsburgh so make sure to stop by and get some fun pics that you can text and email to yourself right from the booth!