While the VBC is on our holiday break, be sure to tune in to our program lineup from this past year, including VBC Happy Hour and Greatest Generation Live! And all are welcome to our weekly Wednesday morning VBC Live Breakfasts at 9am!

Join on Zoom 

We moved our veterans storytelling programs online in late March and will continue to deliver our live programs virtually on Zoom, YouTube, and Facebook until at least the end of this unforgettable year. Our virtual events may be poor substitutes for our face-to-face breakfasts, but at least they’re easier to get to! They also have the virtue of bringing together people from all over our region, nation, and beyond.

We regularly enjoy the company, for example, of Roland Glenn, a WWII veteran from Maine, Jeff Witherel, retired Army veteran from Virginia, and Nick Devaux, a WWII enthusiast and historian from St. Lucia. And the stories are just as riveting, whether they’re about serving in the Coast Guard in the Arctic Circle, training for Airborne at Ft. Benning, or flying fighter jets for the Air Force. Join us for our Monday night Happy Hour, Wednesday morning breakfast, or Sunday afternoon conversation with WWII veterans. And watch or listen to our new recorded show, The Scuttlebutt, where we’ll dig into news and topics surrounding veterans and the military community.

We look forward to seeing you online this fall!