Julia Parsons

. . Julia Parsons volunteered for the Navy WAVES—“Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service”—in 1942 after graduating from Carnegie Tech.  She studied cryptology at Naval Reserve Midshipmen’s School at Smith College, and then she was ordered to Washington, D.C. for top secret duty. She joined section SHARK, whose job it was

Ruth D’Hert

. . Ruth D'Hert During WWII, Ruth D’Hert chose the Navy WAVES (“Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service”) because the uniforms were navy blue.  “Being a Mormon, I was looking at the uniforms, for one thing.  I decided on the WAVES because their uniforms were more conservative.  They were navy

Ila Cole

. . Ila Cole Coming from a large family (nine siblings) and having four brothers in military service, it seemed like a normal decision for Ila to want to join the WAVES at the age of twenty.  She grew up in a small town in Iowa and had a nice

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