Why Risk the Ultimate Sacrifice?

← BACK TO VBC BLOG Why Risk the Ultimate Sacrifice? The main story in our first Scuttlebutt episode centers around: Who Serves? To answer that question, we narrow our focus through two lenses: geographically and demographically. I highly recommend listening to our findings or you can watching the

Walter Reddy

. . Walter Reddy of Sewickley, Pennsylvania enlisted in the Army Air Corps during WWII, serving in Europe through the end of the war. Since childhood, Walter had been fascinated with airplanes.  “I was in love with the sky,” Walt says fondly, “and I always wanted to fly.” When Walt was

Andy Nigut

. . When Andy Nigut first saw his face after the wounding, he was horrified.  A Vietnamese rocket propelled grenade had removed nearly 80% of his jaw and most of his teeth.  He breathed through his neck, and his tongue was stitched down.  He couldn’t scream, even if he wanted to. 

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