My Experience in Ulithi: The little-known staging site for ending World War II in the Pacific

Written by Walter James De Mamiel (1920-2022) as told to Susan De Mamiel March 22, 2022We recently received a memorial donation for Walter James De Mamiel, who passed away on November 24, 2022, at age 102. Walter was a Gunner's Mate, Petty Officer First Class, aboard the light carrier USS Cabot (CVL-28), which saw combat throughout the

The Last Time the US Was Menaced by Balloons: The Japanese Fu-Go Attacks of 1944-1945

Written by Todd DePastino The large Chinese surveillance balloon first spotted last week above Montana and then shot down by military aircraft off the Carolina coast brings to mind the last time balloons menaced the United States. During World War II, Japan tried to set North America ablaze by launching 9,000 fire balloons into

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