The Sons of Lt. Col. Everett Blakely on “Masters of the Air” with Glenn Flickinger @ 7pm ET

Everett Ernest Blakely was a highly decorated B-17 pilot with the "Bloody Hundredth" Bombardment Group of the 8th Air Force in Europe. In the Apple TV mini-series, "Masters of the Air", is David Shields plays the role of Blakely. Tonight, we have his two sons, David and Jim, to discuss what they think of the

The POW Experience in World War II on “Masters of the Air” with Glenn Flickinger @ 7pm ET

EPISODE 6: Colin Heaton and Marilyn Walton on the POW Experience in WWII in Europe Historian and technical advisor on the TV series Masters of the Air, Colin Heaton returns to the program to talk about the WWII POW experience in Europe. Joining him is fellow technical advisor, Marilyn Walton, an expert on the treatment

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