Our Spring 2021 issue of VBC Magazine features photos of 19 veterans, each with a unique story of service to tell. Hit the “+” to zoom in on the cover. Then click on each photo to hear each veteran’s story.

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Row 1 (left to right): Eugene Klebingot (WWII, Army), Linda Jordan (Post-9/11, Air Force), Bob Young (WWII, Navy), Jessie Ferrari (Vietnam Era, Air Force), Jim Roberts (Vietnam, Army)

Row 2: Joe Wisniewski (Vietnam, WWII), Lamont Gourdine (1990s – Post-9/11, Navy), Kathy Silvia (1980s – Post-9/11, Army), Ruth Appleton (Marine Corps, WWII), Marshall Gordon (Korea Era, Army)

Row 3: Leona Woods (1970s, Women’s Army Corps), Dale Gower ( Vietnam Era, Coast Guard), Chad Rittle (Vietnam Era, Navy), Roland Glenn (WWII, Army), Julia Parsons (WWII, Navy)

Row 4: Ryan Ahl (Post-9/11, Army), Haya Eason (1980s, Marine Corps)

Row 5: (Vietnam, Navy Corpsman), Aryanna Hunter (Post-9/11, Army)