Paul Abernathy | Five Good Days

(This episode does not contain explicit language or subject matter)

On episode 42 of Longest War: The Post-9/11 Veterans Podcast, we talk with US Army combat veteran Rev. Paul Abernathy about invading Iraq, military hubris, veterans against the war, the priesthood, taking a knee, forgiving our trespasses, and treating community trauma.


This episode was recorded September 28, 2017 in Pittsburgh, Pa. Host: Nick Grimes. Guest: Rev. Paul Abernathy. Executive Producer: Kevin Farkas. Audiography: Kevin Farkas, Jonathan Stile. Music (available on The Fisherman (“Fireflies”), Good Things Ltd (“Deep Abyss”). Cover art photo: TEDxPittsburgh. ©Longest War: The Post-9/11 Veterans Podcast. Veterans Breakfast Club. All rights reserved.