We talk with Iraqi Interpreter (now US Marine) Mike Azad, Iraq War veteran and Marine Corps infantry officer Jeff Phaneuf, and Special Forces Officer LTC Doug Livermore. All are leaders of No One Left Behind (NOLB), the veterans-founded nonprofit that rescues interpreters and their families from Iraq and Afghanistan. If you watched the State of the Union Speech on February 7, you might have noticed an Afghan man, Shams Rahmani, seated in the balcony. Shams was site manager for a Defense Department contractor in Afghanistan and had spent a year hiding from the Taliban, which wanted to kill him. Getting interpreter allies out of Afghanistan and Iraq is a priority for many of the US veterans who served with these indispensable partners on the ground in war. Much like in Vietnam, when the Fall of Saigon meant the incarceration — or worse — of the South Vietnamese who supported the US war effort, our allies in Iraq and Afghanistan face retribution in their home countries as a result of their service.