Medevac Out of Dodge, 1973

Written by Jim McStay A B-52 flies over the beach at U-Tapao, ca. 1973 (Jim McStay) Navy P-3 Orion pilot Jim McStay recalls a long day in the air from Diego Garcia with special cargo in a cooler and a badly hurt SeaBee on a litter awaiting emergency surgery. Back when I

What Is a Warrant Officer?

Written by Shaun HallBetween Enlisted and regular Officers sits a strange thing called a "Warrant Officer." Warrant Officers get saluted and are called "sir," but they have their own pay grades and do not receive their rank by commission . . . unless they're "Commissioned Warrant Officers." Shaun Hall breaks it all down below.What Military

“In My Heart, I Forgave”

Survivor of the Bataan Death March RemembersAnyone who has joined us on VBC Happy Hour knows Henry Schoepke, our much-loved teenager from Wisconsin. Henry is an avid student of history, a supporter of veterans, and an autograph collector. One of his many projects is to write thank you notes to 500 World War II veterans.

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