The Berlin Airlift at 75

Written by Todd DePastino The Berlin Airlift, which began 75 years ago on June 25, was one of the United States Armed Forces’ finest hours. Children watching a U.S. cargo plane landing at Tempelhof Airfield in Berlin, 1948 (USAF Historical Research Agency) For almost one year, the US Air Force, with the

Medevac Out of Dodge, 1973

Written by Jim McStay A B-52 flies over the beach at U-Tapao, ca. 1973 (Jim McStay) Navy P-3 Orion pilot Jim McStay recalls a long day in the air from Diego Garcia with special cargo in a cooler and a badly hurt SeaBee on a litter awaiting emergency surgery. Back when I

What Is a Warrant Officer?

Written by Shaun HallBetween Enlisted and regular Officers sits a strange thing called a "Warrant Officer." Warrant Officers get saluted and are called "sir," but they have their own pay grades and do not receive their rank by commission . . . unless they're "Commissioned Warrant Officers." Shaun Hall breaks it all down below.What Military

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