Not Just Nurses: Women in Vietnam

written by Pat Jernigan (Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired) I’m a proud Vietnam veteran, and sometimes I’ll wear a hat that identifies me as such. Occasionally, a kind citizen will thank me for my service. “Were you a nurse?” they invariably ask. The question exasperates me a bit, but I understand it. The vast majority

Dorothy Tyler

. . By her own admission, Dorothy Tyler of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania has lived a very active life. At 90, she lives up to her words–and deeds–as a respected elder and vibrant leader of her family, community, and church. During WW II, Mrs. Tyler served as another kind of leader, although she

Beverly Kreger

. . Beverly Kreger (Sept. 25, 1921 - Feb. 1, 2019) shared her experience with us of being an Army WAC (Women’s Army Corps). She worked as a telephone operator with the postal service unit during World War II, making the rank of technical sergeant. She started out in Fort Custer,

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