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John Cerquozzi, U.S. Navy, 1942 – 1963 U.S. Navy veteran John Cerquozzi tells his harrowing tale of ejecting over the Pacific and narrowly avoiding duty on a mine sweeper that was sunk. John served in WWII and the Korean War. He is interviewed by Nancy Patchen and Ashely Stensland

Wendell Freeland, Tuskegee Airman, World War II Wendell Freeland was a member of the famed group of African American World War II flyers we now call the Tuskegee Airmen. He joined the Army Air Corps in 1943 as a student at Howard University. A bright and ambitious student who grew up in a poor, segregated neighborhood in Baltimore, Wendell entered

Jim Parks, Canadian D-Day Veteran, World War II Toronto history teacher extraordinaire introduced the Veterans Breakfast Club to Jim Parks in Veterans Day, 2022. Jim is a 98-year-old Canadian WWII Veteran who joined the Canadian Army at age 15 and served through the end for the war. Jim grew up in hardscrabble Winnipeg, Manitoba, during the Great Depression, and joined

Louis R. Woods, Gunners Mate 3c, U.S. Navy Armed Guard, 1943-1945 Louis R. Woods served in the U.S. Navy in the Armed Guard in World War II. His family recently discovered this interview, conducted by Louis's grandson circa 1999. In the interview, Louis discusses Boot Camp at Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Armed Guard School at Gulport, Mississippi, and then sea duty aboard

Helena Scanlon, Polish Refugee in World War II Helena Scanlon, a Polish refugee tells her story on VBC's Veterans History Project. Helena's village was in Belorussia (now Belarus), but refugees from former Soviet territories were turned over to the Soviets. Her father lied about the location of their village to save the family. Interviewed by Dana Del Bianco (2022)

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