Vietnam, Now

By Todd DePastino Marine veteran Andy Nigut and former NVA soldier embrace at the DMZ Nothing prepared me for the emotional impact of our first VBC trip to Vietnam. In 2018, the VBC decided to offer a guided tour of the country, from Hanoi to the Mekong Delta. Seventeen of us, almost

Christmas in Tuy Hoa, Vietnam, 1966

Written by Bob Rabe Vietnam veteran Bob Rabe shares a beautiful Christmas moment from 1966.  It seems like yesterday, December 25, 1966. While on patrol with my fellow Military Policeman, we came upon a Vietnamese Catholic Church.  Mass had already started, but we entered the church quietly anyway. While we stood in the back, the Vietnamese

Medevac Out of Dodge, 1973

Written by Jim McStay A B-52 flies over the beach at U-Tapao, ca. 1973 (Jim McStay) Navy P-3 Orion pilot Jim McStay recalls a long day in the air from Diego Garcia with special cargo in a cooler and a badly hurt SeaBee on a litter awaiting emergency surgery. Back when I

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