Dorothy Tyler

. . By her own admission, Dorothy Tyler of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania has lived a very active life. At 90, she lives up to her words–and deeds–as a respected elder and vibrant leader of her family, community, and church. During WW II, Mrs. Tyler served as another kind of leader, although she

Florence “Shutsy” Reynolds

. . She’s a living legend and an American hero, although she’s too humble to ever admit it.  Whatever credit “Shutsy” Reynolds takes for her service during WW II, she insists on sharing it with others—namely, her  fellow WASP comrades. A recent documentary about the Women Airforce Service Pilots explains the

Kathleen Short

. . A native of Devon, England, Kathleen Short couldn’t wait to join the British forces during WWII. As a member of the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF), Kathleen was originally assigned to work on a Barrage Balloon with a group of women, but, to her delight, she and the other

Julia Parsons

. . Julia Parsons volunteered for the Navy WAVES—“Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service”—in 1942 after graduating from Carnegie Tech.  She studied cryptology at Naval Reserve Midshipmen’s School at Smith College, and then she was ordered to Washington, D.C. for top secret duty. She joined section SHARK, whose job it was

Beverly Kreger

. . Beverly Kreger (Sept. 25, 1921 - Feb. 1, 2019) shared her experience with us of being an Army WAC (Women’s Army Corps). She worked as a telephone operator with the postal service unit during World War II, making the rank of technical sergeant. She started out in Fort Custer,

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