Female soldier in line of other soldiers

Viviana Hall is an Argentine-born American poet who recently sent us an unpublished poem, “For Freedom,” she wrote in response to the ongoing war in Ukraine. 

FOR FREEDOM                 

                              by Viviana Hall Author of the Book “Poems of Love”      


Under dark skies 

Awaiting the Bear 

She stands 


The winds of war are blowing 


Fields of golden wheat  


Drinking water  


Entire cities  





Train stations 


Under attack 


Thousands of lives lost each day 

The streets of Ukraine 

Their silent witnesses 


Her desperate calls for help   

Brought in worldwide aid 


Heavy weapons 


War planes 


For her to fight this war  



A stream made of the blood from all 

The innocent people  

Flows down non-stop 

To our hands  


Millions seeking refuge 

Among them 

Children now orphan 

The elderly 

The sick 


Their able men and women 

Left behind to fight  


Because Freedom is not free 


Viviana Hall is an American poet, journalist, and clinical social worker.  Her last poetry collection “Poems of Love” is a bilingual book written during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and published in 2021. The following are some excerpts from the book’s professional reviews: 

“A heartfelt, gripping, and engaging read, Viviana Hall’s “Poems of Love” is a must-read collection of poetry” Pacific Book Reviews 

“A masterful volume of poems that captures the sensuality of love in two languages” Kirkus Reviews    

“The author expertly conveys her emotions and feelings through the use of imagery and poetic                                                  techniques” Online Book Club   

Viviana’s first book of poetry “Miedos” was published in her native Bs. As in 1977. As a press correspondent, she moved to New York where in 1982 her book “Poemas del Cielo y de la Tierra” and a re-edition of the book “Miedos” were published. During the 1980s, Viviana produced, wrote, and hosted various news, documentaries, public service, and variety programs, for NY broadcast television stations.  This work earned her numerous distinguished awards.  In addition, she wrote locally and abroad for several prestigious publications. As a social worker,  she collaborated with the State of New York during the last two decades to develop programs to create opportunities for underprivileged youth.  

Viviana is happily retired on the California Central Coast working on her next book.   

Contact: https://vivianahall.com