In August 1962, the Army opened up a makeshift radio station in Saigon’s Rex Hotel. With a staff of six and WWII surplus equipment, Armed Forces Radio Saigon went on the air. For the next 11 years, what became AFVN would report on the turbulent Sixties—from the JFK Assassination to the withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam itself. AFVN radio and television also brought the music that would become the war’s soundtrack to troops in the field (sometime brought by the famous Adrian Cronauer’s “Dawnbuster Show”). By 1967, 100% of all service members stationed in Southeast Asia could get the radio signal. Eighty percent could watch the TV station. It was a great experiment in war zone broadcasting, and we’ll talk with some its on-air pioneers: Joe Huser, Bob Morecook, Tony Webster, and Dennis Woytek.