For the 50th Anniversary of the final return of US troops from Vietnam, the Veterans Breakfast Club with filmmaker Holly Million and VetStreamTV hosted the world streaming premiere of its documentary, A Permanent Mark: Agent Orange in American and Vietnam. We followed the screening with a conversation about the film and about the ravages of Agent Orange as well as the VA benefits and care available to those with recognized cancers and other health problems considered presumptive diseases associated with exposure to Agent Orange. 

The film was screened in a private Zoom environment for those who registered. Above is an introduction to the film and the conversation that followed. Participants included filmmaker Holly Million, VetStreamTV’s Joe Ramirez, featured Vietnam veteran Ron Worstell, Department of California Adjutant American Legion Sam Flores, our own “veteran in the know” Ron Gionta, VBA rating specialist Mike Busovicki, and many other Vietnam Veterans and family members.

A Permanent Mark is a feature-length film that tells the story of both American veterans and Vietnamese people who have been affected by Agent Orange. Director Holly Million decided to create this film when her stepfather, Bob Macher, a Vietnam veteran, died from non-Hodgkins lymphoma due to his exposure to Agent Orange. Holly’s mother, Janet Macher, is the main character of this film, which shows her courageous journey to Vietnam alongside Vietnam veterans also seeking answers about their Agent Orange experience. For more information, to buy a DVD, or to book a screening, email or visit our website at