The Scuttlebutt | Season 2 Episode 8

Attention dog-lovers! This week on the Scuttlebutt, we’re talking all about MWDs. No, not WMDs. Military Working Dogs! Tune into our conversation with two Marines who have had experience training and working with military working dogs. Andrew Kowtko worked as a K-9 dog handler for 8 years and joins us from Okinawa, Japan, where he is currently stationed. Bill Jeffcoat talks to us about his nonprofit, Life Changing Service Dogs for Veterans, as well as his experience as a dog handler in Vietnam. Kathryn and Shaun offer their perspectives as civilians and dog-lovers. And we all gasp in awe at some of the “ruff” training military dogs have to go through! Don’t miss this episode! For our audio listeners: head to to watch the video version of this week’s episode and read more about this service. To learn more about Life Changing Service Dogs for Veterans, visit

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