Bill Bailey was a POW in the Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam from 1967-1973. Suzy was a Pan Am stewardess. Their love story is our subject on VBC Happy Hour.

On June 28, 1967, Bill Bailey took off in his F-4B Phantom from the aircraft carrier USS Constellation (CVA-64) for a mission over North Vietnam. The aircraft was hit by enemy fire, and Bailey was forced to eject. NVA soldiers captured him, and Bill spent the next 2,063 days in captivity. After his release in 1973, Bill called on a Pan Am stewardess he’d met. Suzy said he ought to visit her sometime in London. Bill did just that. Soon after, they were married and have been ever since. Both Bill and Suzy will join us for VBC Happy Hour to share their amazing story of finding love in war.