Join us Tuesday night at 7pm on Zoom, when we talk with Clarence “Bud” Anderson, WWII P-51 Ace, USAF Test Pilot, and Vietnam Wing Commander.

Over the course of a 30-year Air Force career, Clarence “Bud” Anderson flew over 100 types of aircraft and logged over 7,000 hour of flight. That’s almost 300 24-hour days in the air. He got his wings at age 20 in 1942 and flew 116 missions as a P-51 Mustang pilot in Europe. In a war where Mustangs were mainly used as bomber escorts, Bud took on the Luftwaffe himself, scoring 16 1/4 aerial victories. Somehow, he managed never to get hit or have to abort a mission. He returned home from war one of the youngest Majors in the military. Another pilot in his squadron was Chuck Yeager, who called Bud “a wild man,” and “the best fighter pilot I ever saw.”

After the war, Bud served as a test pilot and took many command positions. He returned to war in 1970 at age 48 when, as a wing commander, he flew F-105 Thunderchief missions in Vietnam.

Join us for a conversation with USAF legend Bud Anderson and hear him talk through his famous four-on-four dogfight from WWII, caught on camera.