Between 12,000 – 40,000 Canadians crossed the southern border, joined the US military, and fought in Vietnam. Tonight on VBC Happy Hour, we hear their stories. Joining us will be several Canadian Vietnam Veterans, including Rob Purvis of Winnipeg and Wayne Bell of Calgary. Also on board will be the great Canadian historian John Boyko, whose new book, The Devil’s Trick: How Canada Fought the Vietnam War, tells the forgotten story of these Canadian fighters and uncovers just how embroiled Canada actually was in the Vietnam War. Reviews of The Devil’s Trick praise its skillful and clear prose and even-handed approach to a war that divided not only the US, but Canada as well. The “Devil’s Trick,” says Boyko, is to convince “leaders that war is desirable, the rest of us that it’s acceptable, and combatants that everything they are doing and seeing is normal or, at least, necessary.” Join us tonight!

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