Watch this wide-ranging, fast-moving, free-for-all Veterans Breakfast Club conversation about the military experience, past and present. On the 81st anniversary of Canada’s WRENs (Women’s Royal Canadian Navy Service), we talk with former WREN Gwen Settle about her classified work in the 1960s tracking Soviet submarines off the coast of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Philadelphia Inquirer features reporter Zoe Greenberg and Vietnam Marine John Suzadail talk about their search for Richard L. Henry, Jr., a fellow member of Combined Action Platoon (CAP) 3-3-6, who saved John’s life on May 15, 1970. Then, we turn to 9th Infantry veteran Adib Sabree, who reunited with Donut Dolly Peggy Lind Kelly after 53 years. Rob and Christine See tell us about their Veterans Coffee Shop, Restore 22. And then we have an intense discussion of cluster bombs, which the US is sending Ukraine in support of its war effort against Russia. What experiences did our veterans have with cluster munitions, and what do they think of the weapons use today? Gulf War veteran Marine Brad Washabaugh and Vietnam veteran Jim Roberts share memories of the uses and hazards of cluster munitions.