Charles Utz

. . During WW II, Chuck Utz (pronounced “youtz) served as a tailgunner aboard B-17 bombers, first ferrying aircraft from the US to Europe, and then into combat throughout the continent. His ship was hit and destroyed over Germany On Christmas Eve, 1944.  After bailing out, the Germans took him as

Wynn Sullivan

. . Wynn Sullivan entered the US Army Air Corps in September 1943 and served in Italy as a navigator aboard a C-47.

Florence “Shutsy” Reynolds

. . She’s a living legend and an American hero, although she’s too humble to ever admit it.  Whatever credit “Shutsy” Reynolds takes for her service during WW II, she insists on sharing it with others—namely, her  fellow WASP comrades. A recent documentary about the Women Airforce Service Pilots explains the

James Shuster

. . James S. Shuster was born in 1922 and raised in the small Allegheny River town of Freeport, PA.  During the Great Depression, Jim’s father worked for the railroad.  It was good and steady work in tough times, Jim recalls.  “My Dad and his friends with seniority would get together

James C. Ross

. . James C. Ross entered the US Army Air Corps in April 1941 and spent 42 months in Europe working in ordinance.

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