Joe Zimbicki

. . Joe Zimbicki grew up in Heidelberg, Pennsylvania.  During the Great Depression his dad was a moonshiner and spent time in prison.  As soon as he could, Joe began working to support his nine brothers and sisters.  Shipping off to a CCC camp in the northern woods near Williamsport was

Vittorio Zippi

. . Vittorio Zippi grew up the son of Italian immigrants in Crabtree, Pennsylvania, learning to speak English in first grade.  Six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he was drafted into the Army—serving as a cook, musician, medic, and barber. “Would you shoot the Italians?” asked the Army.  “Hell

Michael Vernillo

. . Michael T. Vernillo Oral History Interview, September 15, 2000, by Paul-James Cukanna (Summer 2000 graduate colloquium, “War and Conflict.” Professor Joseph Rishel. Duquesne University), Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Oral History Collection (Online). October 15, 2015. Michael T. Vernillo was born on April 6, 1919 in Burgettstown, PA. He was the oldest

Bob Hilinski

. . Bob Hilinski Bob Hilinski entered the US Navy in July 1943.  He served in the engine room aboard an amphibious landing craft and participated in the Normandy invasion; landing at Omaha Beach.  After leaving the Navy in 1945, he was called back to duty to serve in Korea. 

Warren Goss

. . Warren Goss Warren G. Goss entered the US Army in 1943 where he served as a rifleman fighting in Europe and participating in the Normandy invasion.  Mr. Goss was a member of the 531st Special Brigade, which was one of the earliest units to land at Utah Beach.  In

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