Military Dog Handlers on VBC Happy Hour

We celebrate National K-9 Veterans Day with a remarkable and wide-ranging conversation with with former and present military dog handlers from various branches of service. Marine Andrew Kowtko was a dog handler in Afghanistan and Iraq. Andrew walks us through the selection and training of dogs for security-oriented operations, from intelligence to bomb detection.

Purple Heart Women Warriors on VBC Happy Hour

In honor of Women’s History Month, we talk with nine post-9/11 veterans–all women–who served in combat and received Purple Hearts for their wounds.These nine women are profiled in a new book, Out of the Shadows: Voices of American Women Soldiers, written by Vietnam Marine veteran Ron Farina. Ron will also join us to talk about

102-Year-Old WWII Veteran Raymond West and more on VBC Happy Hour

102-year-old Raymond West joins VBC Happy Hour to share his story of serving in the 28th Division in World War II, being captured in the Battle of the Bulge, and surviving to the end of the war in two POW camps.Also joining us are Vietnam Donut Dolly Rosemary Schwoebel and her sister, Diane Schlosser, who

Iwo Jima’s Band of Brothers on VBC Happy Hour

On the anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima, VBC Greatest Generation Live host Glenn Flickinger welcomes Marine Corps World War II historian Steve McCloud to talk about his in-depth study of Fox Company, the Pacific War’s Band of Brothers. Steve's book, Black Dragon: The Experience of a Marine Rifle Company in the Central

Black Vietnam Veterans on VBC Happy Hour

In honor of Black History Month, we invite Black Vietnam Veterans to share their stories of service on VBC Happy Hour. We also welcome a broader conversation about race in the military, past and present. We talk with some of these veterans as well as historian Samuel Black, author of Soul Soldiers: African Americans

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