The Battle of Britain

Streamed live on July 11, 2024 #wwiihistory #battleofbritain #worldwarii In preparation for our September VBC trip to England for a tour of English air fields and WWII sites, Glenn Flickinger gives us a presentation on the Battle of Britain, a clash of air power to control the skies over Britain and the English Channel.

Astronaut Jan Davis

Streamed live on June 27, 2024 Astronaut Jan Davis talks about her life in aviation and the legacy of service in her family. Her memoir Air Born, tells the story of her and her father. Her father was Ben Smotherman, a B-17 pilot in World War II, vwho aliantly fought in the European Theater

Found: A Veteran Story by Best-Selling Author Jack McLean

Streamed live on June 24, 2024 Jack McLean joins us again to talk about his new book, Found: A Veteran Story which tells how he healed from Vietnam. Last year, Jack recounted the history behind his best-selling memoir of 2009, Loon: A Marine Story. Jack served in Vietnam in 1967-68 tour with Charlie Company

The Untold Story of American POWs at Buchenwald

Streamed live on June 20, 2024 During World War II, 168 American airmen found themselves in one of the most notorious concentration camps of the Holocaust: Buchenwald. This unexpected and harrowing chapter of their captivity began in 1944 and stands as a grim reminder of the broader atrocities of the war. Author Ric Martini

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