Listening to the Taliban

Army linguist Ian Fritz joins us to talk about his experiences providing “threat warning” aboard Air Force Special Operations Command gunships in Afghanistan. His role involved listening to Taliban communications to discern their plans and provide intelligence. Despite the grim nature of his job, eavesdropping on enemy conversations involved both the absurd and the

Graves Registration Veterans

Vietnam veteran J.C. Handy joins us to share the largely untold story of those who performed the challenging duty of reuniting the remains of lost soldiers with their families. We also hear from several veterans who served in Graves Registration, handling, sorting, and cleaning remains of fallen service members. Larry Gombos, Lawrence Gaddis, and

The Women Behind the POW-MIA Movement

Navy veteran and author Taylor Kiland to discuss her new book, Unwavering, which tells the story of how a group of military spouses battled the government to demand information about POWs and MIAs in the Vietnam War. The movement was led by Ann Mills-Griffiths, whose brother, Navy Lt. James Mills, had gone missing during

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