Female Engagement Teams in the Marine Corps

← BACK TO VBC BLOG Female Engagement Teams in the Marine Corps 09.29.2016 Photo by Cpl. Kyle Talbot. Via Defense Visual Information Distribution Service The Marine Corps has a complicated history with women. On the one hand, the Marines accept fewer women into its ranks than any

Navy: Join the Club!

← BACK TO VBC BLOG Navy: Join the Club! Of all the branches of service, the Navy has the strangest customs. Naval History and Cherished Command describes them as, “cherished rites that tie together generations of Sailors with a common bond. They reflect the true story of the Navy,

Debunking the Stress Card

← BACK TO VBC BLOG Debunking the Stress Card Rumor has it that the Air Force handed out yellow Stress Cards that permitted a recruit to “take a break” should the training become too strenuous. They were essentially “get out of jail free cards” that could be handed to

When the Army Plays Video Games

← BACK TO VBC BLOG When the Army Plays Video Games Image: US Army eSports/Facebook The United States Army has recently established a new team that is more selective than the vaunted Rangers and no, it’s not a team of super soldiers. It is a team of

Magawa, the Award-Winning Rat

← BACK TO VBC BLOG Magawa, the Award-Winning Rat PDSA, via Agence France-Presse — Getty Images We’ve all heard of military working dogs receiving service medals for acts of valor. But last week, an African giant pouched rat (you read that right - a rat!) named Magawa

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