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War Movie: The American Battle in Cinema

The Scuttlebutt | Season 9 Episode 9 War Movie is a five-part documentary series that examines not only the history of war in American cinema but how this medium has shaped our country's perspective on conflict, foreign policy, race, masculinity, and national identity. Cinematic depictions of military conflict have

Dogs For Our Brave

The Scuttlebutt | Season 9 Episode 8 Dogs for Our Brave’s mission is to provide professionally trained service dogs at no cost to veterans who have suffered debilitating injury or illness while in service to our country. Their goal is to use rescue dogs at every opportunity, thus saving

Author and Poet Victoria Kelly

The Scuttlebutt | Season 9 Episode 7 Victoria Kelly is the author of Homefront, Mrs. Houdini, and When the Men Go Off to War. Victoria graduated Summa Cum Laude from Harvard University. She received her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and her M.Phil. in Creative

Veteran and Social Anthropologist – Charles Warner III

The Scuttlebutt | Season 9 Episode 6 Charles Warner is a veteran and social anthropologist studying at the University of Leuven, Belgium. His research interests primarily revolve around war veterans (a.k.a. the emerging field of “Veterans Studies”), strategic peacebuilding, and post-conflict dialogue/resolution in Southeast Europe. Within this research, he

US Armed Forces Chess Championship

The Scuttlebutt | Season 9 Episode 5 The episode of “The Scuttlebutt” features Rob Getty, a retired Navy veteran and chair of the military chess committee. He discusses his passion for chess and how it has influenced his Navy career. Rob started playing chess at a young age and

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