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D-Day Quiz

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What are the code names of the two remaining British invasion beaches?

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What was the name of the Canadian invasion beach?

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What was the original code name for the Canadian beach that was changed because it sounded silly?

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What were the code names of the two American invasion beaches on Normandy?

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Despite exhaustive preparation, the Allies were surprised by a topographical feature on Normandy that didn’t appear on their maps and greatly hampered their battle inland.  What was it?

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The First United States Army Group (FUSAG) was critical to the Allies’ success on D-Day.  What was unusual about FUSAG?

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Name the general in command of FUSAG.

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Which is the Allies’ official description of the meteorological conditions facing them on June 6, 1944?

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If the weather forced Ike to cancel the Normandy invasion on June 6, he would have had to wait as long as one month to try again.  Why?

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What did the “D” in “D-Day” stand for?

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Why did Dwight Eisenhower later say that the Allie’s success on D-Day was due to Andrew Jackson Higgins?

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The US suffered about 100,000 casualties in the Normandy campaign up to July 30.  What was the number Ike and other commanders predict?

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The Allied invasion fleet on D-Day involved over 5,000 ships and boats. How many did the German Navy sink?

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