The Scuttlebutt | Season 1 Episode 7

You’ve most likely heard of Call of Duty or Halo, even if you’ve never played them. What’s behind these military style video games, and why do many veterans enjoy them?

Today on the Scuttlebutt, we talk to Marine Corps veterans and gamers James Martin (@Ryuknights0848) and Gabriel Beltrez (@AnubisAbadabupi) about military video games. We’re also joined by Army veteran and CEO of Operation Strong Mind Tom Stokes, who offers his insight into the effect of games on mental health and the veteran community. Join us for a fascinating conversation about the uniting power of military style video games and just what they’re all about.

Music: Heaven Sent by Soldier Story. Via Musicbed.

Resources from this week’s episode:
Operation Strong Mind
Journey to Normal
Combat Social Work

Find James Martin @Ryuknights0848
Find Gabriel Beltrez @AnubisAbadabupi

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