Department of Defense photo of a sky swirl above Marines preparing to bed down for the night

Sky Swirl – Marines prepare to bed down for the night after live-fire training at Fort Pickett, Va., July 18, 2020. This photo was created by stacking together 75 images taken over 45 minutes. Image from

The Department of Defense has just released its top 90 photographs of 2020. It’s a remarkable collection that captures beautifully the diverse collection of people and wide-array of work our military servicemen and servicewomen do. From Navy EOD personnel in free fall to Air Force firefighters at Dover, and from the Northern Lights during the NATO Reindeer II exercises in Norway to the bone-dry ground of the Grand Bara Desert, Djibouti, the subjects of these photos offer just a glimpse of the people and places that make up the US Armed Forces experience.