The Scuttlebutt | Season 7 Episode 10

DoD Overseas Shows – RG Smith

We’ve all heard of USO shows, but there’s another far-more intrepid group of entertainers that produces over 1,200 shows around the world each year, reaching over 500,000 personnel at 355 military installations. It’s called Armed Forces Entertainment, and it’s the Department of Defense’s agency for reaching US servicemembers at the most remote, isolated, and dangerous locations, from ships at sea to landlocked battlezones.

Join The Scuttlebutt this week to hear PART 1 of RG’s story. His service as a Navy combat photographer and public affairs officer for riverine units in Vietnam then his tours with the Nancy Wiles Band in the Persian Gulf, Panama, Bosnia, and Somalia.

Then join us on VBC Happy Hour tonight (December 5th, 2022) for PART 2 to hear about RG’s “Final Act!” – What caused him to ask the DoD to “Never call me again.”?

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USOs Across the Country are Shutting Down

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