Vet-A-Thon welcomes back FedEx for a conversation with four veterans. FedEx’s Jenny Conner leads the discussion.

Les Jackson and Angelica Tenorio served in the US Army, Mick Hanna in the Australian Army, and Geoff Abthorpe in the Canadian Army. Each came to the military from different backgrounds, but all gained lessons from the military that continues to help them in their work at FedEx.

Les Jackson spent almost 25 years in the Army, initially as a 13 Bravo (Field Artillery), later as a 54 Bravo (Chemical Warfare Specialist). He retired as a First Sergeant and is now an Operations Manager at FedEx in El Paso, Texas.

Mick Hanna also spent just under 25 years in the military, but he served in the Australian Army as an Armored Cavalry Commander. He deployed to Somalia in 1993 as part of “Restore Hope,” and on a peacekeeping mission with the United Nations to East Timor in 2000. Mick also instructed at Fort Knox and the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth.

Mick says his service experiences continue to inform his work as Supervisor at FedEx Custom Critical, Ohio. Mick highlights the need for leadership skills in influencing and persuading people in difficult situations, such as what he faced in Somalia and East Timor. His experiences shaped his leadership and problem-solving skills, which may have contributed to his post-military career.

Geoff Abthorpe is a Canadian veteran who served in various capacities, including Company Commander in Afghanistan. He faced challenges in leadership, most significantly in learning to negotiate instead of relying only on fighting skills. After leaving the military, Geoff worked for FedEx, starting as a senior manager. He mentions the challenges he faced due to a language barrier but emphasizes how his military training helped him in turning around a struggling FedEx station.

Angelica Tenorio joined the Army after high school and trained as a public affairs specialist, which she chose to overcome her shyness. She trained with foreign militaries, gaining exposure to different cultures and people. Angelica highlights the resourcefulness and work ethic instilled during her military service, which she brings to her position at FedEx. Her ability to adapt and figure things out has helped her in navigating challenges at FedEx.

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