This week’s Scuttlebutt episode is a special one. We couldn’t cram all the good things our guests had to say about the Marine Corps into one episode, so we’re coming in hot with an OORAH! Part 2. We’re spending the bulk of the episode with James as he reacts to a video of Marines with Fox Battery, 2nd Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment firing the M777 155mm Howitzer. Watch James’ reaction video here.

Video of Marines with Fox Battery: US Marines Firing the M777 155mm Howitzer, May 23, 2014, AiirSource Military,

Listen to this week’s full episode, with Shaun, James, Josh, and Haya. It’s a continuation of our discussion about what makes the Marine Corps special. First you’ll hear some memories from Josh and James about just how brutal it can get serving in the desert. Then we hear more from Haya about her experience being a woman in the Marine Corps and the racism she faced, especially down South. We wrap up with James’ reaction video. Tune in!