Streamed live on April 18, 2024

Writer John Orloff tells us how he brought “Masters of the Air” to television.

Production was a meticulous process marked by deep research, careful storytelling, and an unwavering commitment to historical accuracy. John shares his background, influences, and the challenges he faced in crafting the series.

John Orloff’s fascination with history, particularly World War II, stemmed from his upbringing immersed in the era’s media, from movies to television shows. Despite lacking direct military ties, Orloff’s passion for the subject matter and depth of research laid a solid foundation for his work.

The series, a follow-up to the acclaimed “Band of Brothers,” aimes to portray the aerial combat of World War II with unprecedented realism. John Orloff had to choose the right story to tell, highlighting the remarkable tale of the hundredth Bomb Group as the basis for the series.

This narrative authenticity was crucial, so minimizing fictionalization and drawing from real-life accounts, including after-mission reports, were to to ensure accuracy.

Another challenge was the scale of the production, especially capturing the intensity of aerial combat and the logistical complexities involved in creating a historically accurate portrayal.

Each episode features hundreds of special effects shots. It took the dedication of the entire production team to honor the sacrifices of those who served. We will ask John Orloff about the broader themes explored in the series, including the horrors of war and the industrialization necessary for wartime efforts.

We’ll also ask him about the relevance of these themes in today’s world, advocating for vigilance against authoritarianism and fascism.