Captain Brett Crozier joins VBC Happy Hour to share his story and leadership experiences from his new book, Surf When You Can: Lessons in Life, Loyalty, and Leadership from a Maverick Navy Captain.

Captain Crozier last job in the Navy was commanding the USS Theodore Roosevelt. In 2020, he stood up for his sailors during the COVID-19 outbreak. His action gained him gained widespread attention and led to his relief of command. It also prompted his retirement from the Navy after a distinguished 30-year career.

In his book, Captain Brett Crozier celebrates kindness, teamwork, and standing up for beliefs. Crozier’s captivating stories recount his adventures as a fighter pilot, commandeering suspected pirate vessels, and enjoying surfing. He distills the principles that guided him, demonstrating their application in both personal and professional life.

Inspired by his father’s Air Force background and the movie “Top Gun,” Crozier studied at the Naval Academy and pursued a career in aviation. While he loved flying, he found that the real value of his service was in the relationships he built with his fellow servicemen and the lessons he learned from them.

Throughout his career, he discovered that leadership goes beyond discipline and hard work. Emotional awareness and understanding the motivations of the people you lead are equally important. Good leaders inspire and empower their teams, while also taking care of their needs.

Listen to this wide-ranging and inspiring conversation about leadership in the 21st century!