Streamed live on April 22, 2024

We play two rounds of open Military Jeopardy with clues based on the military experience, culture, and history. Everyone in our Zoom room can raise their hand and answer a question. Categories include Air Force Military Acronyms Navy Ships WWII Celebrities Military Slang and more!

Here are some sample clues:

“Camp Lemonnier is the only permanent US military base in Africa, located in this country whose funny-sounding name begins with a rare silent ‘D.’”

“Coast Guard ships have white hulls, except for these, which have red ones.”

“This was the standard issue sidearm for decades. It’s also the former name of the Houston Astros baseball team and a popular malt liquor.”

“What kind of Navy ship is still made with wood?”

“The last four names on the National Vietnam War Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC, died in May 1975 during this ‘incident.'”

Enjoy this fun and educational night of military trivia!

Thank you to Tobacco Free Adagio Health and UPMC for Life for sponsoring this event.