Streamed live on May 6, 2024

We have another fast-moving, free-for-all Open Conversation with the Veterans Breakfast Club.

This is National Nurses Week, in honor of Florence Nightengale’s birthday on May 12, so we discuss military nursing and ask our nurses about their service.

We also ask veterans who were treated–and perhaps lives were saved–by nurses in battle zones around the world. Nancy Smoyer asks what Vietnam War movies are the best and worthy of screening for a course on the war.

We’ll discuss the relative merits of Hamburger Hilll, Coming Home, We Were Soldiers, and The Ugly American. Vietnam Marine veteran Ron Farina wonders what movies and books fed his generation’s ideas of war before they headed off to Southeast Asia to liberate the land from Communism.

Marilyn Pignataro from PALS Skyhope non-profit will tell us about her remarkable organization, which uses a network of planes and pilots to provide free medical and compassion flights for patients and veterans.

Nadia Rupniak’s father was a hero. But she never knew his story until after he was gone. She’ll talk about Marcin Rupniak’s service in World War II, which included the Polish War Order of Virtuti Militari. The award is Poland’s highest military decoration for heroism and courage in the face of the enemy at war.

U.S. Air Force Vietnam veteran Bob Connor gives us an update to his long work identifying and recovering Vietnamese and American remains from the Vietnam War. He has news about a probably identification and US POW MIA remains, including a witness who saw the burial of a POW who died after a forced march. Bob works with the Vietnamese government and US Department of Defense Prisoner of War Accounting Agency to search for more than 1,200 US service members who are still missing from the Vietnam War.