Who Were the People in the Times Square Kiss on V-J Day?

Alfred Eisenstadt’s photograph of a sailor and a nurse kissing in Times Square is an icon of V-J Day, August 14, 1945, the final end of World War II. Despite the photo’s fame, the identities of the man and woman pictured have been a mystery. But a few clues uncovered in recent years have

Paul Austin

. . Paul Austin Paul Austin entered the US Army in March 1944 and served as an infantryman in Easy Company, 351st Regiment, 88 Infantry Division in the Mediterranean.  Shortly before the end of the war he transitioned to ordinance and finally left the Army in July 1946. missing

Al Armendariz

. . Al Armendariz Since he was a kid, Al Armendariz had always been fascinated by medicine.  He joined the army after the attacks on Pearl Harbor and entered basic training and medic training.  He remembers his drill sergeant taking role call at 4:30 A.M.  His motto?  “We break you,

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