That’s a wrap on Season 1 of the Scuttlebutt!

When we started The Scuttlebutt, I was both excited by the possibilities and terrified of unknowns. Would veterans have interest in our subject matter? Would non-veterans get lost in the translation? Could we stand out in a field of ever-growing military podcasts? 

The answers, I am so happy to report, are yes to all three. I am so honored to host this series and help bridge the civilian/military divide with our guests and their stories. 

I simply could not have done without the support of VBC’s Executive Director, Todd DePastino whose leadership and guidance helped shape the series from its inception. VBC’s Media Producer, Ellie DePastino who’s creativity is felt in every cut with a splash of brilliance. The veterans and active military who chose to spend some of their valuable time with us and offered perspectives, wisdom, and entertainment that make the show soar. And last but not least, I want to thank you, the listener, for tuning in. We create this show for you and it is your support and attention that gives us reason to keep going. I am forever grateful to you all. 

Fear not, we have been picked up, as they say, for Season Two! And with a near limitless spread of interesting topics to choose from and veterans to engage as guests, we will be here for many seasons to come. 

Our Season 1 Finale we’re calling “Just the Scuttlebutt!” We’ve had such a great time sharing military headlines, fascinating stories, and bits of scuttlebutt with you over the past few months that we figured, why not dedicate our last episode to just Scuttlebutt. We’re joined by the folks we’re calling our “All-Star Cast,” Marine Corps vet James Martin, Army vet Ryan Ahl, and Gold Star Wife Becky Nyren. Tune in as we check back on stories we’ve been following since Episode 1 and introduce new pieces of Scuttlebutt we just can’t help but share. Make sure to listen through the end, as we wrap up with our reflections on Season 1.

Enjoy the final episode of Season One and please help us spread the scuttlebutt by liking, sharing, commenting, subscribing, and rating us wherever you get your podcasts. 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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