The Scuttlebutt | Season 4 Episode 2

Join us this week on The Scuttlebutt as we cover recent military headlines in our returning segment, “Nothing but the Scuttlebutt.” There have been some interesting developments since we last reported the news and Kathryn Ghion, Ryan Ahl, and Shaun are here to break it all down for you. We have everything: The Bonhomme Richard, Gulf War Illness & Burn Pit claims, new technology – including a non-lethal device that can weaponize your voice against you, the Army’s new RipSaw tank, and did the Russians discover warp speed? All that and a Large Scale Exercise so big it covers 17 time zones. Be sure to like, share, subscribe, ring the bell on YouTube and review us wherever you get your podcasts. Lights, Camera, Action! 

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