Seen from above, a American flag surrounding a coffee cup, to represent the new Tom Reed Armed Forces Veterans Center

Written by Todd DePastino

A great new space for veterans and the military community is coming Pittsburgh this summer, and the Veterans Breakfast Club is excited to be a small part of it.

It’s called the Tom Reed Armed Forces Veterans Center, and it represents a vast expansion of the Career Center that has been part of PHASE 4 Learning Center for several years.

The new Veterans Center will feature a cafe, fitness center, meeting rooms, technology, even washer and dryer for those who might need them. Most of all, the Tom Reed Veterans Center will be a welcoming place for any members of the military or veterans community to meet, gather, network, and hold events.

Founder and CEO of PHASE 4, Dr. Terrie Suica-Reed, has kindly offered the space to the Veterans Breakfast Club for holding events, meetings, and even an everyday brick-and-mortar place to call home.

We look forward to sharing our plans for the space later this summer.

For now, Terrie has invited the VBC to create a Veterans Wall of Honor featuring photos and service information for veterans, living and passed, from Western Pennsylvania. The idea is to line the large space with images of our veterans from all eras, ages, and branches of service–much like the Troop Banners you see lining the main streets of our region’s neighborhoods.

We would love to have as broad a representation of our military veterans as possible. Please submit a veteran’s name, service info, and photos for our Wall of Honor and Veterans Tribute.

You can submit your information here:

Email Shaun at