Reviewed by Donn Nemchick

VBC veteran Jerry Augustine published a harrowing account, with photos, of his service in 1966-1967 with B Company, 3rd Battalion,  21st Infantry Regiment, 196th Light Infantry Brigade in Vietnam. We’ll be traveling with Jerry between November 27-December 11, 2023, as part of our two-week VBC Vietnam tour. Thank you to Donn Nemchick for the book review below.

Book cover for Vietnam Beyond and author VBC veteran Jerry Augustine

This book examines what happened to a man, his family and America during the Vietnam Era.  The author, Jerry Augustine, tells how his service as a draftee  in the US  Army from October 5, 1965 to August 4, 1967 changed his life both for the good and the not so good.

His exposure to the toxic herbicide Agent Orange dramatically impacted his life, health and the lives of his family.

This story could be told my many of the thousands of GIs who have similar issues due to the government misleading them regarding the impact of  exposure to Agent Orange.

Jerry Augustine writes with passion and clairty that makes Vietnam Beyond a harrowing saga of the war, its aftermath, and how he persevered in spite of exhausting odds against him.

The book is enriched by a trove of personal pictures including family photos and revealing pictures from in country Vietnam and his interesting life after the war.

This easy-to-read, 222-page book, is not only about one soldier’s war.  The author takes us back to his youth and what inspired him to never give up in spite of a dark road and hardships ahead.  His postwar issues with PTSD and Agent Orange issues did not stop him from inspiring and serving other Vietnam veterans.

The author expertly depicts that all wounds are not visible.  The loss of his family members was painful and told in a manner that is touching and thought-provoking to the reader.

This book is a compelling reading experience. The reader can feel the terror of personal combat without actually being there. The book speaks to many issues of the author’s life that makes the reader appreciate life and stability no matter what circumstances you are dealt.

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