Vet-A-Thon opens with a BANG with Stu Richel, Army veteran who who served as a combat photographer and journalist with the 1st Infantry Division. Stu went on to work as an actor and playwright for over 30 years.

His one-man stage play, “Vietnam … Through My Lens,” has been performed across the country.

It is a poignant and thought-provoking play exploring his military service in Vietnam and the struggle to integrate what he’d experienced. His command of the stage captivates the audience in a manner similar to Mark Twain.

Stu performs on the stage; choreographed artistically for the camera and interwoven with Stu’s own and archival Vietnam photos. No blood and guts. No political statements that try to tell you why America’s involvement over there was right or wrong. Just one guy’s intensely personal perspective on the most significant period in his life.

The Veterans Breakfast Club’s Veterans Day VET-A-THON is a 12-hour online program bringing veterans from around the nation together to share their stories of service with the public. You’ll hear from veterans from every walk of life and branch of service, from World War II to the present. Guest hosts from across the globe will help share Veterans’ stories, military history, GI humor, Armed Forces trivia, and information for veteran and military families.