Long before the Veterans Breakfast Club, Todd DePastino got as Ph.D. in history and taught college courses, including “Vietnam in War and Peace.” In 2018 and again 2020, as the Director of the Veterans Breakfast Club, he finally got to lead a tour of Vietnam from Hanoi in the North to the Mekong Delta in the South.

The third VBC Vietnam tour with 20 travelers will leave in November. To mark this upcoming trip, Todd presents a lecture on the history and culture of Vietnam, focusing especially on the lessons learned while traveling in Vietnam. You’ll hear about its unusual geography, natural beauty, ancient culture, and vibrant economic life. We’ll also talk about the war, of course. How it’s remembered in Vietnam and how the Vietnamese treat Americans when they meet them.

Todd speaks for 45 minutes and then opens up the room for questions and conversation.

You’ll learn the long history of the Vietnamese people, how Confucianism determines traffic patterns, why the Vietnamese are obsessed with your age, and the differences between North and South in Vietnam.

Enjoy this fun 90 minutes of history and travel talk!