Zoom meeting with Marine Corps veteran James Martin and othersLast week on the Scuttlebutt, Marine Corps vet James Martin told a hilarious story about when the first guy in his squad was finally able to take a shower after 3 months without one. While he doesn’t remember who it was, he does remember what shampoo was used. His story is hilarious–TikTok loved it, too!

This week on the Scuttlebutt, we’ve moved on from gabbing about the Marine Corps and tackle the largest branch of US Military service: the Army. We talk to Army vets Ryan Ahl and Amber Spells and Gold Star Army Wife Becky Nyren. We listen to Ryan and Amber’s stories of why they joined the Army, what their service means to them, and what makes the Army distinct and special. Of course, we cover our usual segments: phrase of the week, headlines, and our Scuttlebutt round. Tune in!